Fun & Cosplay – Interview with Trini Tsunami

Article is featured in Nerdplus Winter 2023 lite magazine.

What is your cosplay name and what do you go by?

“My cosplay name is Trini Tsunami and my cosplay group is La Dolce Vita Cosplay.”

Madoka from Madoka Magika.

How long have you been cosplaying and what was your first convention?

“‘2009, MTAC Ninja in Nashville, TN.”

What inspired you to cosplay?

“My love of anime inspired me to cosplay. In particular, the series Sailor Moon inspired me. I want to feel as though I am bringing the characters I love to life.”

Any advice for new cosplayers?

“Do what makes you happy. Be who you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t cosplay someone you wish to, because of size, weight, gender, ethnicity— none of that matters. Enjoy cosplay for you, and of course, always be respectful of others.”

Describe your favorite convention story.

“Um, I have a lot of memories that I love looking back on, but I will try to just pick one. I enjoyed many in-character panels whilst in the Hetalia fandom, but my favorite convention story is a highlight of playing Whose Line Is It Anyway style game as characters, and acting out the ‘squatty potty’ infomercial as America from Hetalia.

Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon

What was your most time consuming cosplay and why?

“Haha, Princess Serenity, again, because I insisted upon hand sewing on hundreds of tiny glass beads. My Princess Serenity cosplay is a beauty and a beast, all in one.”

What was your most expensive cosplay and why?

“Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. There were hundreds of hand sewn glass beads and eight yards of bridal satin for each of the two skirts, plus another sheer layer of fabric. Princess Serenity cost well over $350, just for materials alone.”

Steven Universe from Steven Universe. Photography by Bread Overlord Photography.

What new cosplay are you looking forward to doing next and what challenges do you think you’re going to face?

“Riddle Rosehearts from Twisted Wonderland. This cosplay will be my first time giving Worbla a try. I am both excited and terrified. Me, with a heat gun? Not sure that’s the smartest idea.”

What cosplay do you relate to the most and why?

“Romano (a.k.a. South Italy) from Hetalia. I can be a bit rough around the edges and I too understand the pain of being an underappreciated older sibling. My mouth can be a bit rough too, if I am being honest.”

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