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Hello! In case you haven’t met me before, welcome to Sewing Senpai’s Cosplay blog.

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A little about myself,…

My real name is Hilary, but I prefer either “Misha” or “Hil” in the con circuit. I started cosplaying at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011, but I’ve watched Japanese Animation (Anime) early in life.

I remember being a kid and watching Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh, along with Inuyasha and Cowboy BeBop. I was that kid who would plant myself in front of the TV for Toonami and Saturday morning cartoons, thinking I was either a Power Ranger or a Saiyan— despite having a major crush on Gohan. (Who didn’t during middle school?)

My adoration for video games sparked early on, playing Sonic on my mother’s SEGA handheld and then Pokémon for the Gameboy. I remember sneaking into my older brother’s room to play Dreamcast’s Crazy Taxi and Tomb Raider.  However, my first real console some would consider a newer age, but my Nintendo Gamecube and I were best friends. When I had time, I was taken away to an entire new world of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Pikmin, or Wind Waker.

The convention circuit was something new to me in 2011, I had never been to any convention before. Just graduating high school, I was older than most of the crowd that was there. My first cosplay was Meirin from Kuroshitsuji, followed by the Witch from the Left 4 Dead series. I soon learned my love for prop making, learning to sew, and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

It’s amazing what a small hobby can turn into and how many wonderful people and friends you meet along the way.

To the main question, why start a blogging about Cosplay?

After learning many tools of the trade and going to conventions, I’ve noticed a pattern. There will always be waves of customers, fans, and hobbyists. Whether they be new or old, there seems to be more and more people flooding into the hobby that used to be labeled for “geeks” and “nerds” only. After the show Cosplay Heroes aired on Syfy, the convention world has flooded with many diverse people. It’s a good thing to have the world understand us more, but it’s also a time that requires people to have more education and basic con-etiquette when interacting with other convention guests and patrons.

I wanted to inspire and educate, to be able to share my experiences and gain knowledge through interaction of others who share the same passion. I encourage anyone else to do so!

In addition, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Blogging for my hobby helps prepare me to love to write, and someone who loves writing will get better at it gradually. It’s a win-win situation!