Top 10 Most Annoying Things about Anime Conventions (.GIF Set)


If you’ve ever been to an anime convention… this post is for you. Top 10 Annoying Things about anime conventions packed into a convenient gift set. Enjoy the ride!

1. “How do I get into voice acting?”

Please, just shut up.

We’ve all had that one person in the audience who asks the notorious question to voice actors. “How do I get into voice acting?” even after they cover it prior in their speeches and despite the notorious YouTube responses that answer this question. Most panelists will be kind and answer anyway, or some will be short and sweet with the “honest hard work” approach. No matter how bad someone needs this question answered, please, spare the audience and ask in private. I groan every time I hear it asked or hear the common spiel that is replied.

2. “Ew…” Bad Hygiene (AKA Con Funk)

Even the cat knows bad con funk!
I recognized it on the elevator.

If you’ve never been an anime convention, then you’ve never experienced the pure vile smell of a fresh “I’ve slept in my car without a shower all weekend” on Sunday morning. It’s usually the greasy faced person sitting next to you with a disaster wig on. Perhaps it was someone more fortunate, but impotently lazy as they have ruined the experience for their entire hotel room and not touched a sink all weekend or showered off their make-up. To be blunt, when one raves all night on Saturday… please take a shower. No one wants to smell you, or the Febreze ninja’s that lurk within the con HQ might attack.

3. “I only have $20”

Give a congoer a dollar and they will rely on you forever, teach a congoer how to volunteer and they will last forever.

Even my own personal friends have been guilty of this notion, only bringing the minimal amount to con.

When you need money for the toll roads.

For example, I had an old friend who would spend Sunday gathering change out of their car just to get more fan gear from the Artist Alley, but expected me to pay for their food? Quick to say, we arn’t friends anymore. Sometimes, it’s best to be adult about these things.

Even though your favorite all-time voice actor is going, or your senpai or friends, if you can’t afford it… sometimes it’s best to stay home and earn some of that cold hard cash for the next con you can attend. It’s only sensible and I’m not imagining this, right?

4. When someone comes to con with absolutely no plan, whatsoever.

We all have that one friend, maybe two…

Understandably, mistakes can happen during con: your car can break down, you get injured, your hotel makes a huge mistake, or you didn’t bring your wig. However, there are some con-goers and even sellers who come to con without any plan… whatsoever. No hotel. No transportation. No money. No food. Can you not?

Seriously, if you have friends nearby that are going… this puts them in an awkward care-giving position—where they just look at you in disbelief. If you don’t have any friends yet at the convention, you might have the possibility of being suspended or kicked out. Please, please,… just plan. Just a little, even.

5. “Do not touch” applies to props, too.

“Let me just,…”

I cannot tell you how many times my props have been touched or stolen (as a prank) when in cosplay. Whether it’s a giant pipe or a small pokéball, it’s like people think they are able to touch and bend anything that isn’t theirs.

Most of the time, this is the younger con-goers who haven’t earned their maturity badge yet, but sometimes, yes, even real grown adults do this.

One of the first times I cosplayed Russia, I had a smaller Hetalia cosplayer run off with my pipe that I worked many hours on. I proceeded to chase after them, and when I retrieved my pipe they proceeded to jerk and pull it away from me.

My eyes grew wide while I simply said, “Please, please, it’s so fragile! It’s just a prop!” worried that all my hard work might be done for.

In the end, it took me being in near tears to gain my pipe back and since then, I’ve been very careful about letting someone who is non-staff touch my props.

There are many stories that could be filled in this space, whether it’s wigs, clothes, props, or even “cosplay is not consent,”but it boils down to pure respect. If you want to see someone’s hard work…. Ask permission first.

6. The Cosplay Elite (AKA The Snob Elite)

Cosplay Elitism in a nutshell.


A state of delusion in which one (The elitist) believes oneself – and a small group with whom one associates – to be less incompetent or more useful than the rest of society.
If you have a cosplay or a mascot, you’ve more than likely ran into the snob elite. Those who put themselves higher than everyone else, when they are normal people like the rest of us.
Now, hard work needs to be rewarded. If you’re a voice actor, a winner in a costume contest, a well known panelist, or any of the above… it’s okay to be known; however, it’s not okay to treat other’s like crap.
Some elites be like…
The most annoying thing is when you see other cosplayers getting flack for their cosplay. It can be made, bought, or hand sewn in the finest leather fabric whilst being hand-embossed by the gods themselves as you bless them with your precious body… but that still isn’t good enough for the snob elite. No one should be put down for their cosplay because of price or time, we all spend some sort of time on our cosplays whether we like it or not.
Symptom of encountering elites.
If someone asks for critique, it’s considered relevant to not only critique, but to give them encouragement.
In simple terms… don’t be an asshole. No one likes an asshole.

7. We’re not real characters, we are human beings.

This goes along with “cosplay is not consent” and generally us not being the actual characters. Now, we cosplay these characters because we feel connected to them in some sort of fashion; however, this does not mean we are open to being harassed just because we are a villain or hero costume.

“Whoops, out of character!”

Countless times I’ve seen people “take hold” of a character, making it appear as if they are the only one who can cosplay said character.

For example, someone that is famous for cosplaying Naruto shouldn’t try to “take hold” of Naruto. #1, the character is not your’s to begin with, he’s copyrighted. #2, you are a human being, there’s no way you can actually “be” Naruto, so don’t make it difficult for others, and #3, instead, the cosplayer should give encouragement to those who want to cosplay a character that is close to them. Share your headcanons and talk, it’s good to be able to relate on the subject.

8. Unprepared Panels

Did you spend any time preparing? Nope… I’m out.

Have you ever sat there and been tortured over and over, gouged in the eye, or had to sit through an unprepared panelists panel?

Again, mistakes happen where PowerPoints cease to work, technical difficulties with mics or speakers, or even an audience member accidentally tripping on a chord.

However, this section is specifically for those who have absolutely no plan but just a “Q&A” or a “Well, time to ask us questions.” To where there is no planning concerning the seating chart, game rules, or anything applicable. Please, if you want people to enjoy your panel… not everything has to be planned out to a “T,” but it does need some structure.

9. Let’s have a photo shoot in the middle of _____!”

15 minutes of clogging a hallway

One picture or two is fine, but do you ever have those annoying photoshoots that seem to be at the worst place at the worst time? Yeah. Move.

10. “Where’s your mom?”

Who let you out of your child leash?

Example 1: When you’re rooming in a hotel room with a minor and they have no way of transportation, no common sense, and you have to literally teach them to survive a few days without mommy and daddy. (remind them you need to sleep before 5 a.m. and for them to please take a shower.)

Example 2: When you’re walking down a hallway and get tackled (aka, glomped) by a small fan,… except they’re not that small. You are grateful for the praise, but your back and props have you worried out of your mind.

Example 3: When you see a teen crying in the hallway, you see their friends comforting them and you wonder…. Where are there parents/guardians?

Bonus: Post-Con Blues

Monday hits you like a brick.

After the con weekend.

3 responses to “Top 10 Most Annoying Things about Anime Conventions (.GIF Set)”

  1. #6.. The only person in my mind is Yaya Han.. Shes just plain snobby


  2. The funny thing is, I cosplay Russia too, and my friend crafted his metal pipe for me out of wood. I hold this so dear to me, and I can easily stmpathise with you when someone took your pipe. I just read it and said, “Oh my god, somwone else with the EXACT same problem with the EXACT same character and prop.” Thanks for the list~!


  3. ok, am I one of the few cosplayers that make my props as indestructible as possible. If I could get into a con with real steel armor I’d be doing it in a heart beat. So I definitely spend excess time building my props to be structural.


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