Plus Size Convention Shopping List

*None of these products are sponsored and are all opinion based.

*This post was also featured in Winter 2023 Lite Edition of NerdPlus Magazine.

Eliminate Crotch Rot

Lume creme deodorant or stick deodorant provides 72 hour protection. I personally have used this on hot summer days or prior to working out and I have been smell free! This is perfect for hot convention weather that makes us all stickier than usual. Fear the febreze ninja!

~$19.99 Found at Amazon and other retailers.

Best Chub Rub Fighter

Gold Bond Friction Defense Tired of of your thighs chafing when wearing shorts or skirts? This is a god-send! Just apply and let dry. This friction defense will defy even the hottest days and provide you soothing comfort.

~$5.99 Found at Walmart and other similar retailers.

Large Heads and Heavy Wigs

Velvet Headband This velvet headband will keep all your wigs secure on your head no matter what circumference your head is. This will help secure those cosplay heavy days and provider a layer of itch-free comfort.

~$6.99 Found at Amazon and multiple online retailers like Arda Wigs.

High Heel Pain Relief

Aspercreme Lidocaine Spray We all have experienced the pain that comes in a long days of heels with our outfit. Spraying a thin layer of lidocaine spray on the bottom of your feet is a life changer as it provides up to four hours of relief.

~$12.99 Found at Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and other similar retailers.

Best Packing Practice

Various Packing Cubes When you can’t fit everything into your suitcase, these packing cubes will save your life. They come in a variety of breathable sizes that will turn your messy suitcase into a Marie Kondo haven.

~$15.99 Found at Amazon, Walmart, and similar retailers.

Keep Sebum Shine Down

Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder This powder will be translucent on all make-up and natural skin colors as it keeps the sebum shine at bay! This will be a godsend for hot cosplays and summer sweat for your face and upper body. Just apply with a powder brush and tap, tap, tap!

~$12.99 Found at Amazon, Walmart, and other similar retailers.

Stay Cool

Portable Neck Fan Hot cosplay? Temperature rising? Even when wearing a wig, this handy neck fan won’t snag the longest of wigs. I highly recommend this for outdoor conventions or hot cosplays!

~$29.99 Found at Amazon, Walmart, and other alike retailers.

Keep Your Money Close

Hidden and easy accessible wallets Fanny packs, hidden wallet belts, shoe wallets, keychain wallets, card holders, and runner’s wallets. It’s smart to keep your money close and on your person! These suggestions range in style and variety.

~$12.99 to $29.99 Found at at Amazon, Loungefly, and other wallet retailers.

Best Electronic Tip

Packing a Surge Protector Packing one of these, if possible, will help extend all of your electronics that you will bring to the hotel. Phones, laptops, cameras, and rechargeable products all in one spot without hunting for an outlet in a hotel. A total win!

~$15.99 Found at Amazon, Walmart, and similar retailers

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